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Jewish Day School Enrollment Trends in MD and DC: 2005-2019

Updated: May 21, 2020

This report - based on state and federal administrative data - is the first ever long-term review of trends in Jewish day school enrollment in Maryland and DC.

While overall enrollment declined from 2005 to 2012 and has recovered from 2013 to 2019, enrollment in Orthodox schools saw a steady increase and enrollment in non-Orthodox schools saw a steady decline. Day school enrollment in the DC Area - which has a higher percentage of non-Orthodox schools than the Baltimore Area – has declined more rapidly than day school enrollment in the Baltimore Area.

The divergent experiences of Orthodox vs. non-Orthodox Jewish day schools in Maryland and DC mirrors a similar trend at the national level. Even though attrition rates have declined in recent years, unless non-Orthodox schools can simultaneously revitalize their recruitment and retention, their enrollment is projected to continue declining for the foreseeable future.

This report underscores the importance of reducing attrition and increasing Kindergarten enrollment in order to increase long-term enrollment in Jewish day schools. It also demonstrates Orthodox Jewish day school is expected to increase significantly in coming years. This may result in a need for significant additional funding for these schools in coming years. Finally, it demonstrates the need for further research on the causes of enrollment decline at non-Orthodox schools – as well as potential solutions.

This report analyzes Jewish day school enrollment trends at multiple levels, including:

- Overall trends in MD and DC

- Trends in standalone kindergarten enrollment

- Regional enrollment trends (DC Area vs. Baltimore Area)

- Enrollment projections through 2035

- School level enrollment dashboards for the 14 largest Jewish schools in MD and DC

Full Report: Trends in Maryland and DC Jewish Day School Enrollment, 2005-2019

Maryland Day School Enrollment White Pap
Download • 2.39MB

Section 1: Introduction

Section 1 Introduction
Download PDF • 905KB

Section 2: Data Sources and Methods

Section 2 Data Sources and Methods
Download PDF • 935KB

Section 3: Overall Enrollment Trends

Section 3 Overall Enrollment Trends
Download PDF • 1.42MB

Section 4: Decline of Standalone Kindergartens

Section 4 Decline of Standalone Kinderga
Download • 969KB

Section 5: Countervailing Forces: Attrition and Structural Change

Section 5 Countervailing Forces - Attrit
Download • 1.08MB

Section 6: Baltimore Area Enrollment Trends

Section 6 Baltimore Area Enrollment Tren
Download • 1.32MB

Section 7: DC Area Enrollment Trends

Section 7 DC Area Enrollment Trends
Download PDF • 1.29MB

Section 8: Enrollment Projections

Ssection 8 Enrollment Projections
Download PDF • 5.59MB

Section 9: School Level Enrollment Dashboards

Section 9 School Level Enrollment Dashbo
Download • 3.08MB

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